Chapter 4. scratchClient

ScratchClient is started as a separate program. This program gets its configuration from a config file. Therefor, no configuration in scratch is needed.

4.1. Start ScratchClient

Task: Start scratchClient in a terminal (and leave terminal open).

Terminal start icon in Application Launch Bar.

cd ~/scratchClient
sudo python src/ -c config/config_piandmore_basic.xml


It is possible to copy/paste the commands into the terminal window. In browser use ctrl-c; in terminal ctrl-shift-v is used.

The config file given above results in the same behavior as gpioserver provides in the gpioserver chapter.

Stop all scratch-programs (to stop all gpioserver instances), then start program .

Sample code

Activate 'remote sensor protocol':
In palette 'Sensing' rightclick on the sensor values, from the context menu choose 'enable remote sensor connections'.

This setup is persisted with the scratch program.

More remarks on scratchClient