4.4. ScratchClient Configuration adjustment.

The names of variables and events are defined in config file. Instead of using 'gpio17off', 'gpio17on', it makes sense to use meaningful names as 'led_red_off' und 'led_red_on'.

It is also possible to add an 'all_off' broadcast/ event, which is added for all adapters in configuration.

	<input name='low'>
		<broadcast name='all_off' />
		<broadcast name='led_red_off' />
		<broadcast name='gpio17off' />
	<input name='high'>
		<broadcast name='all_on' />
		<broadcast name='led_red_on' />
		<broadcast name='gpio17on' />

Sample config snipped for multiple events on adapter inputs.

Task: Add the events given in the sample into the scratchClient configuration.
The current config is /home/pi/scratchClient/config/config_piandmore_event.xml
Use leafpad as an editor.

Locatio of leafpad in the menu structure.

An alread modified config file is : config/config_piandmore_event2.xml.

In order to get the new config active, reastart scratchClient.
In case scratchClient is still running, then stop with ctrl-c.

Adjust the next command, when you have given the file a different name.

cd ~/scratchClient
sudo python src/scratchClient.py -c config/config_piandmore_event2.xml

In scratch, start 'remote sensor connections'.

The new commands can be used in scratch now.

scratch-Programm loop_all_on_off.