scratch Art Project

Having some spare time in the scratch course at school, we did a short ‘computer art project’. A short introduction to the topic was presented, some materials taken from the following web pages:– https://gigers.com/blog/computerkunst-mit-snap-wiederholung-und-zufall/– https://monoskop.org/images/2/25/- Reichardt_Jasia_ed_Cybernetic_Serendipidity_The_Computer_and_the_Arts.pdf– http://joachim-wedekind.de/Downloads/AtlasComputerkunst_redsize.pdf The task for the kids, 7th class, was to use simple geometrical patterns combined with some randomness. Using […]

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Auf die Plätze, fertig, los !

Mit einem toolgestützten Controller Framework für scratch3-Spiele soll die Entwicklung von Spielen mit scratch vereinfacht werden. Die Ablaufsteuerung eines Scratch-Spieles mit verschiedenen Spielleveln macht Schülern der siebten Klasse einige Probleme: Das Spiel kann einmal gespielt werden, beim zweiten Durchlauf erscheinen die Figuren an unerwarteten Stellen. Um Fehler zu suchen muß das Spiel jedesmal vom Anfang […]

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Indendation problems in python

Indentation is a part of code structure in python. Indentation problems cause error messages like IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation levelIndentationError: expected an indented block after ‘for’ statement on line 3 There are many, really many tutorials in the web about this topic.https://python.land/python-tutorial#Pyt … r_featureshttps://peps.python.org/pep-0008/#indentationhttps://www.w3schools.com/python/gloss_ … tation.asp Usual problems are:– various deep […]

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Snap! integration with scratchClient

Some work was performed to integrate Snap! with scratchClient. Here a preview of current results. Snap! is a viable alternative to scratch. Scratch 1.4 on raspberry pi is quite fast, but latest implementation is buggy. Full screen display for example is no longer working. Scratch 2 was based on flash and is not recommended; scratch […]

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Auf die Plätze, fertig, los !

Um ein Spiel zu starten kann man den Ablauf ‘auf die Plätze, fertig, los’ verwenden. Die Idee ist, dass man nur ein Script mit einer grünen Flagge hat. Dieses sorgt dann dafür, dass erst mal alle Sprites sich auf ihre Startposition begeben, die Variablen zurückgesetzt werden und dann die Abläufe starten. Dieses kleine Start-Skript gehört […]

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scratch 1.4 mesh network with scratchClient

Scratch 1.4 on raspberry pi allows to connect with other scratch instances on other computers. This is an experimental feature. This feature is not available in scratch1.4 for linux or windows, not in scratch2. With this feature multiple scratch 1.4 can share events and (global) variables. As this feature is experimental, there are some constraints […]

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howto: Edit scratchClient Config Files

There was a question on how to edit scratchClient config files. There was the need to add a Button to a GPIO. Button inputs are handled by a GPIOEventInput-Adapter. This short walkthrough will not explain all the details but will concentrate on where to find the files use an editor copy / paste an adapter […]

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scratch puzzle

Implemented using scratch1.4. The slight flicker results from the video capture/processing software. Do you have an idea how it works ?

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servo for scratchClient

During a conversation on scratch forum there have been quite a few issues to get a servo run on someones computer. Here a video on installation scratchClient on a new sd card, run scratchClient and prepare a script in scratch1.4. install scratchClient and running servo sample. The sequence is shortened a bit. Especially the system […]

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scratch2 connected to scratchClient

Did you ever want to control GPIO from scratch2 ? Or other sensors connected to a raspberry pi ? The last days I worked on connecting scratch2 with GPIO on raspberry and more. To be precise, this is done by either using scratchx or since june 2017 with the standalone version of scratch2 for raspbian. […]

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