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Atmel328 firmware for DHT22 Temperature, Humidity

The temperature, humidity sensor DHT22 is a quite inexpensive sensor, well suited for microcontroller applications. It uses same protocol as DHT11.
It is connected by a single wire, needs 5ms for a read cycle, but a quite challenging protocol where the pulse width gives ‘0’ or ‘1’ bit values.

This is a typical application for a coprocessor for raspberrypi. For an atmel328, it is not a challenge to handle this protocol.


The signal from this sensor is relying on exact timing.


The initial ‘pulse low’ is not in the chart.

The firmware uses internal timer with 1 us resolution to measure pulse widths. Using the timer unit makes this method insensitive when interrupts produced by SPI communication occur in parallel.

The atmel firmware triggers the data aquisition, and provides a 40bit ‘raw’ result to the raspberry pi host computer. The conversion of the values  to temperature, humidity values is performed in python code. See the sample code provided in the download to see this procedure.

Of course, there is an adapter for scratch.
cd ~/scratchClient
sudo python src/scratchClient.py -c config/config_dht22_atmel328.xml

A detailed description on how to program the firmware is on the download page.