ADC-328-Board is here

The  boards for the Atmel-328 based ADC board are here. And it works, only the LED connection was on the extra pin used by the 20MHz-version of this design. Corrected in software, already.

See the adc-board post, the capacitive sensor post for application details. The basic design is for a breadboard, but I wanted to have a portable package for this.

Schematic is here, the eagle schematic and board files are in the software package.

To get the board running with scratch, you need my scratchClient software.

Functionality are – with the firmware – 2 adc channels, frequency counter, impulse counter and infrared control. The two rotary encoders are prepared, but not yet coded.


The board uses 1206-size SMD components, just the size you can solder without a microscope.

JP1 is usually open, and connects GPIO4 to clock input. See flashing instructions.

SV1 is to the RPi

SV2 is ADC input. 1 = GND, 2 = GND, 3 = ADC0, 4 = ADC1, 5 = VCC, 6 = VCC

SV3 is usually open. It allows to connect RX, TX with those of RPi. It is aligned to allow to connect with two jumpers. I used this mainly for debugging purposes.

SV4 is the frequency measurement input. 1 = GND, 2 = input, 3 = VCC


This project is no kickstarter, and I do not sell this pcb.

So setup the parts on a breadboard, and if you like it find one of the reasonable cheap, long delivery time vendors in the world and build your own copy.